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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Pathophysiology

Understanding Disease Processes

In our effort to understand disease processes, both Western and Eastern energetic systems are valuable tools for herbalists. Why not add an understanding of pathophysiology?

While most of the disorders in the database include some information about their pathophysiology, it seems useful to devote an entire section to the subject.

There’s an instructor who does an entertaining job of presenting this medical training who goes by the name, “kinda alike” — that kinda caught my attention. This is a screenshot of the new pathophysiology section he inspired.

database pathophysiology section

All of these headings open up to reveal a video lecture, grab your popcorn. (Yes, popcorn is healthy, look it up). They are linked to other related categories in the database so you may expand your exploration. For example:

cell injury (opt)Cellular Injury

The basic premise is, in order to fix any condition, we must first repair the cells. As you see in the above screenshot, a handy review of cell structure and function gets us started. When you open 4 Pathophysiology – Cell Injury a few more topics come into view:

  • A separate section on Cellular Injury which, if you click on it, opens up to reveal links to these categories:
    • Cellular Detoxification
    • A series of lessons on Cellular Injury and Cancer
    • Necroptosis

Some of the videos and articles posted in the Cellular Injury category:

  • Causes of Cell Injury Oxygen Depletion
  • Irreversible Cell Injury and Death: Types and Causes
  • Other Causes of Cell Injury
  • The Causes and Significance of Cell Swelling
  • The Fluid Mosaic Model of the Cell Membrane
  • Types of Physical Injury to Cells

anemia hematologic functionAnemias

Many herbs are described as useful for anemia. However, do we know what KIND of anemia a person has? To deliver the best treatment, we need to know what’s causing it. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is an iron deficiency, so we offer iron-building herbs. That won’t help if the anemia results from other causes. For example, Pernicious Anemia is related to B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency can result from lack of intrinsic factor, altered ph in the small intestine, failure to absorb it in the illeum. So iron rich herbs aren’t of much use there.

When you click on Anemia (Pathophysiology) the view changes. Now you see it under a broad heading of Anemia, which is under Blood Disorders.

blood disorders, anemias

inflammation pathophysiologyInflammation

One of the first things we learn to recognize are signs of Heat and the anti-inflammatory herbs that bring down inflammation. Chronic inflammation is now understood to be a primary driver of most, if not all, diseases and isn’t as easily spotted (though it can be assumed).

So the database has devoted a lot of territory to inflammation. The pathophysiology section on inflammation will expand to reveal this view:

inflammation pathophysiology

cancer overview pathophysiologyCancer

Under Pathophysiology the Cancer Overview heading connects to our massive Cancer library where you can dig down into all of the various types of cancer, tumors, conventional and holistic treatments.