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Coming Soon! Weekly Live Broadcast

The database has grown into something like a “Google Earth” of the plant kingdom and healing. In building a community of healers around the this project, Shamana Deerwomon (a well-known internet broadcaster) came up with the idea of hosting a weekly internet show (initially on YouTube Live) to update folks on what’s new, explore existing regions and invite callers to ask questions. Viewers will watch to see how the database is used to answer these questions.

The show is called, “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”, scheduled for Friday at 3pm. Recordings will be posted here and in the database itself. The database is the product of many many researchers and practitioners, all searching for the best solutions to health problems and, especially, inspiration for living in wellness. It tells the story of humanity’s relationship with Nature.

Initially, the show will be recorded while Deerwomon and I experiment with the tech side of things. But it ought to be live by October at the latest.

I’ll be teaching a couple of classes at the upcoming Moonflower Herbfest at the end of October so we may wind up skipping a show.

I’m excited with the addition of a collaborator in this project, Melanie Lamb, who may join us for one of the first broadcasts. Melanie has an amazing story of being seriously damaged during a botched lumbar puncture. Failing to get the medical care she needed, nearing death, she took matters into her own hands and learned how to restore her health by natural means. She’s become an international figurehead for pain relief in such horrendous conditions as Arachinoiditis and as an advocate for patients. Learn more about her and her work here.

Officially Launched!

D'coda in wild carrot field

D’Coda, in a wild carrot field. Mother of the Herbal Database.

Our school has used this database for a few years, while it continued to grow. It’s become much too rich a resource to hide behind our walls so I decided to split it off into its own domain and simplify things for users who might get distracted with all the bells and whistles on our other sites.

At first I wasn’t going to add a blog, however, in the middle of the night I woke up with a startling idea…no one knows when I’ve added a new treasure. You may have already visited “rose” for example, and think you know what’s there. If I add some juicy new clinical studies after you visited, it may not occur to you to go back for another look. So why not create a blog to make sure you know about the new stuff!

I’m not sure yet how I’ll organize it, partly with some keywords in the title, partly through categories? For now, I’d suggest you subscribe to the newsletter updates. They’ll alert you to new blog entries.

Additionally, I’d love to partner with other schools of herbal medicine so their students also have access. Hence, the addition of a School Directory, for now it only has our school listed…do pass the word so we can build the Directory up.