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Is this you?

  • Your day is already crammed full when a client calls for help…and you just can’t remember a thing about herbal treatments for their condition.
  • Your partner is diagnosed with a chronic illness and is taking drugs that YOU know to be harmful. Your suggestions for natural alternatives fall on deaf ears because you can’t prove it with scientific evidence.
  • You aspire to become an herbalist and even though you’re enrolled in herb school, you’re overwhelmed by how much material you’ll need to master and feel lost.

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  • Instant access to answers to your questions (from over 15,000 content rich categories, over 100,000 thousand articles and videos organized for quick access)
  • Adventure in Discovery (use as a study guide for herbal medicine, pathology, botany, taxonomy, wild edibles, etc.)
  • Easy to use!
  • Gaining confidence in selecting the right herb for the job.
  • Earning the confidence of others by making evidence based recommendations.
  • The latest natural medicine research, all in one spot.
  • Protect your family, friends and clients from making risky, dangerous treatment decisions
  • Building your reputation as a trusted “herbal knowledge keeper” so folks know they can come to you when they’re in need of advice.