The subject heading located in the middle is your focal point, everything directly attached to it is useful to know once you’ve learned the material in its information panel.

The lower part of the heading contains an information panel. You can either view it by scrolling, or you can raise it to fill your screen by clicking on the upward pointing arrow. Another option is to hover your cursor over the info panel dividing line until it changes, then drag the panel into your desired position.

To lower the panel, simply click the downward pointing arrow.

The information panel contains links to videos and articles as well as text. Links located at the top can be clicked to open in a new tab. Other links, located in the text area, will take you out of the database if you click on them, it’s better to right click and select “open in a new tab”.

To the left are phytochemicals, pharmaceutical drugs or other conditions related to your topic. In the video example showing Rosemary, you’ll see Rosemary EO (essential oil) and various phytochemicals. A scroll bar is seen on the far left when there are too many items to fit on screen.

Beneath the central topic are the substances recommended for treatment, related conditions, and often, when it’s an herb, direct topics like preparations and doses, cautions, other parts of the herb.

Above your main heading are various conditions that an herb treats, or a broader category your topic is a subheading for.

Whenever there are too many topic headings to show on the screen, a scroll bar appears in that location. Drag the scroll bar to view more options.

On the right are topics related to the broader categories located above your topic heading. They aren’t directly related to your main topic in the center of the screen.

At the very bottom is a bread crumb trail of what you recently viewed so can quickly return to a previous subject.

You’ll use the search box a lot so let’s see how that works. First of all, the search button doesn’t do anything, it’s just to tell you where it is. Start typing and you see options immediately appear above. You can scroll through them to select what you want. Occasionally it can get confused by the typing and give you options that you’re not looking for. If that happens just backspace, erasing one or two letters and it will show what you’re looking for.